DLF Membership Eligibility
The individual is eligible to be a member of DLF as specifically described below:
       Fraternal Member
       Any individual legally recognized as a male who is:


– Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing;


– Gay or Straight;


– 21 years old or older;


– Shown strong desire in leather;


– Required to complete the qualification prior to be full fraternal member.
DLF Brothers RE

DLF Membership Application:

If you are interested to join DLF, first, we ask that you are fully prepared to be DLF Brother for lifetime membership with DLF.   If yes, please review our page, “DLF Brotherhood Orientation”, which explain what all new members are require to complete their initiation process.   Then, click the icon on this page (on right) to access online membership application.

If you have any questions, please email to one of any board members  (see Contact Board).




DLF Membership Application