What is Deaf Leather Fraternity?

There is no sense of “all for one and one for all” that leads us to create the new philosophy of leadership and deep bonding of friendship. This defines the true meaning of brotherhood whereas a group of Leather Men who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing unites for a common purpose and maintains fraternal lifetime.  We, also, welcome hearing Leather Men.  DLF use primary communication mode of sign language.

The Deaf Leather Fraternity (DLF) exists to serve the men of the Deaf/hearing Leather and S/M community that are based on principles  of Love, Honor and Trust.  The successful brotherhood is the cornerstone of DLF where each brother has demonstrated his capacity of being authentic, genuine concern and honest self-evaluation.  This is the prerequisite to be full fraternal membership with DLF.


There are many benefits of DLF membership whereas we will develop leadership role, positive fraternity experience, be social responsible and steadfast trustworthy in honor with Spirit of Brotherhood.   DLF emphasizes three values of brotherhood, leadership and discipline.


Deaf Leather Fraternity Emblem
@ DLF, INC 2008

DLF Vision, Mission, Values & Purposes



Bonding with Leather Men in Honor


  • To develop value leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor and Trust
  • To foster the personal growth of brother’s mind, heart, body and character
  • To support brotherhood and our commitment to the Deaf Leather FraternityI


Brotherhood, Leadership and Discipline



  • To instill a spirit of brotherhood and fraternity among Leather men;
  • To encourage the development of positive attitudes and behaviors in the Leather and S & M communities;
  • To provide leadership and education to the Leather / S & M and non-leather communities;
  • To provide positive social forums (advocacy) for the Deaf & Leather and S & M communities;
  • To support Deaf and hearing organizations in particular and the Leather, S & M and non-leather community at large.